Demonstration plant for effective manure management (a project within the IPP Program)

The demand for meat is increasing in the Baltic Sea region, and a shift from small scale to large scale meat production is predicted. Manure management at intensive meat production installations is often neglected and large quantities of nitrogen and phosphorus leach to nearby waterways and eventually to the Baltic Sea. BalticSea2020 started a ten year program in 2010, “The Intensive Pig Production Program” with the objective to identify and implement cost-effective measures to reduce the leaching of nitrogen and phosphorus from industrial meat production. Measures and technologies have been identified and the next step is realization, evaluation and demonstration in a demonstration plant.

A pig produces large amounts of manure, with three to four times more nitrogen and phosphorus than a human. Historically the manure was used at as cheap and effective fertilizer for the farm plant production. Nowadays, agriculture is often specialized either on meat or plant production, and the natural recirculation of nutrients is broken.

The Demonstration plant

The measures and technologies which have been proposed as “Best Available Technologies” to reduce leaching from intensive pig production will be implemented, evaluated and demonstrated in a demonstration plant. In cooperation with Swedish Biogas International, the Nordic Investment bank and The Polish State Agricultural Advisory Services, CDR a feasibility study has been completed regarding the establishment of the demonstration plant in connection to a large polish pig farm. Discussions on required conditions to establish the demonstration plant are now in progress. The study showed difficulties to achieve profitability in the manure-based biogas production under present conditions in Poland, and the demonstration plant will therefore focus on other recommended actions. The project expects to prove that;

  • Nutrients leaching from intensive pig production can be significantly reduced and
  • Properly handled pig manure is a resource that promotes plant production and reduce farmer costs for fertilizer.

The plant will be built in cooperation with authorities, pig farmers, biogas companies as well as financial and scientific institutes. Demonstration facilities will be included, to share the environmental and economic performance of the plant with concerned actors within intensive livestock farming and biogas production.

* For more information find the technical reports “Best Available Technologies for Manure Treatment”, “Cost Effective Phosphorus Management Measures” and “Best Available Technologies for Pig Manure Biogas Plants in the Baltic Sea Region” at the right.


Project status

Start: 2011-09-01
End: 2020-01-01