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BalticSea2020 supports campaign highlighting marine waste and environmental issues

The Baltic Sea Waste Campaign (BSWC) has been launched with support from BalticSea2020 and the Nordic Council of Ministers to raise awareness of marine waste and environmental issues. The Keep Sweden Tidy Foundation will serve as project manager and market the campaign, while Folke Rydén Production (FRP) is producing video and multimedia materials. Together they will take a roadshow to ten locations around the Baltic Sea with the aim of informing and engaging politicians, media and the general public on the precarious state of our inland sea.

“The aim is to draw attention to marine waste and environmental issues in the Baltic from various perspectives,” says Folke Rydén. “We also want to show what can be done to improve the health of this sensitive sea.”

Running through the summer and autumn of 2012, the roadshow will present both newly produced and previously filmed material, including BalticSea2020’s collaborations with Folke Rydén, Mattias Klum and Joakim Odelberg – such as Rydén and Klum’s ten-year Baltic Sea Media Project with the prize-winning documentaries For Cod’s Sake and Dirty Waters, and Joakim Odelberg’s widely debated documentary Ghosts in the Baltic Sea. Images, videos, short reportages, exhibitions, seminars and workshops on marine waste and environmental issues will all form part of the roadshow. Scientists and researchers will also be on hand to share their experience.

FRP will produce a website for the project with information about the BSWC and the roadshow, and there will be a blog where people can follow the progress of the project.

The BSWC roadshow around the Baltic reflects mounting interest in marine waste and environmental issues both locally and regionally, making these issues ever more relevant.

The BSWC will visit the following locations:
Mariehamn, Turku, Helsinki, St Petersburg, Tallinn, Riga, Gdansk, Copenhagen, Visby, Simrishamn, Kalmar and Stockholm. See map below.

bswc map logo bild

For further information, please contact:

Folke Rydén, Folke Rydén Production (FRP),
Ida Mårtensson, press and media officer, BalticSea2020, tel: +46 8673 9764,