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Pay increase for fishermen if EU voting for a sustainable fisheries

Enabling fish stocks to return to healthy and sustainable levels will result in an increase in landings, profit and income for the fisheries sector and fishermen, according to WWF in a press release launched this week. The press release is based on a new independent study - Socio-Economic Benefits of a Bold EU Fisheries Reform, and is carried out by Framian BV and commissioned by WWF. The study is the first to examine the potential social and economic benefits of the fisheries sector from a purely EU perspective, providing strong arguments for an ambitious reform of Europe’s fisheries. Read the WWF press release here. The study supports our approach within the project CFP reform program. Read more about the project here.

Do you also want to influence the European Parliament and the Committe of Fisheries to vote for improved fisheries policy in Europe? Let them know their vote is vital. Visit the WWF's campaign page "Stop bankrupting our oceans" and send a message to the European Parliament Fisheries Committee.