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Award for an innovative manure management technology - SyreN

The EU project Baltic Manure has been distributed the 2012 Baltic Manure Handling Award to an innovative manure management technology called SyreN, November 29th 2012. This technology benefits both the environment and the agriculture production because it transforms the form of ammonia that’s emitted to air and makes it available for the growing crops. Morten Toft, CEO of the Danish agricultural technology company Biocover, is behind the technology and has received numerous awards for SyreN. This award was handed out at Agro Business Park Stand at Agromek Fair in Herning, Denmark. Morten Toft says, among other things, that this is a story about a little stubborn idea in the mind of a Dane, who, after much work and serious studies became a great vision for the future of agriculture.

The mission of Biocover is to develop concepts to reduce the ammonia emission and smell through altering the chemical properties of manure, when applying slurry to the crops. SyreN is acidification of manure using sulphuric acid which turns ammonia into particle bound ammonium and thereby reduces the evaporation of ammonia. The innovative manure management technologies make SyreN readily compatible with slurry injection and comparably cheaper.

Source: Baltic Manure

For futher information, read the article "A fairytale Manure Handling Award winner – SyreN" at the Biocover homepage.

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