Documentary: Ghosts in the Baltic Sea II

The documentary film, “Ghosts in the Baltic”, made by underwater cameraman Joakim Odelberg, highlights the problem of discarded fishing gear – ghost nets. The first film was finished in the autumn of 2011 and work has now begun on a second film on ghost nets in the Baltic.

Ghost nets area global problem that occurs in all oceans, lakes and waterways that are fished. They are discarded fishing gear that continues to catch fish for decades, affecting the size of the fish population, causing suffering to wildlife and unforgivable destruction of our common natural resources.

The first film, “Ghosts in the Baltic” was filmed in Sweden, Poland and Lithuania and was completed in the autumn of 2011. It highlights the problems of debris and ghost nets in the Baltic in an aesthetic, personal way. Work is now underway on the second documentary, in which Joakim Odelberg and his team will travel around the Baltic Sea to meet researchers, decision-makers, divers and others.

The aim is to show the results of the first film and to continue to highlight the countries that haven’t dealt with the problem. The film will also contribute to raising awareness of the ghost nets’ impact on the marine environment and, more specifically, showing how they affect cod, porpoises, marine birds and seals. Additionally, disturbing images will be shown from places where no action has yet been taken.

Intended audience is the general public, politicians, the industry, journalists, researchers in Sweden and in Europe.

Filming starts in January 2013.

For more information about the first film - click here.
To see the first film "Ghots in the Baltic Sea" - visit our program area Information.


Project status

Start: 2012-12-01
End: 2013-12-31


Project manager

Joakim Odelberg, Leofilm



2013-01-24 - Press release
Follow up to the prize-winning film, “Ghosts in the Baltic”