The Cod Project 2009

Baltic Sea 2020 has identified Fisheries, namely Cod Fisheries, to be one of the areas where there are concrete possibilities to contribute to a better environment in the Baltic Sea.

During 2009 Baltic Sea 2020 was active in advocacy activities to make sure that the management plan for cod would be followed by the Council of Ministers and the Commission when deciding on the fishing quotas. Baltic Sea 2020 has also followed and participated in the work with The Baltic Sea Strategy and the reform of the Common Fisheries Policy.

Cod project's objectives in 2009:

  • The Foundation monitored and worked to ensure that Ministers' decisions on quotas for 2010 would be in the framework of management plan and that that would not unduly be waived or altered.
  • The Foundation monitored and constructively contributed to the adjacent long-term processes (CFP) that affect the fisheries policy, and also pointed out that the Baltic Sea environment requires a recovery of cod stocks in the short term.
  • The Foundation's national efforts aimed at ensuring that the concerned countries' positions were in line with the management plan.


Project status

Start: 2009-05-01
End: 2009-10-31

Project manager




2009-05-28 - Press release
Let environmental considerations govern cod fishing
2009-05-11 - Debate column, published in Dagens Nyheter
“Irresponsible to approve cod fishing in the Baltic”