Voices from the Baltic Sea talk about the CFP regulation

As a result of the renegotiation of the new Common Fisheries Policy (CFP), BalticSea2020 interviewed people from the commercial Baltic fisheries to hear their views on the European fisheries management.

The film shows that there is support from fishermen and scientists as well as government representatives of many of the proposals being debated.

Key issues for the new Common Fisheries Policy is maximum sustainable yield, discards and regionalisation of the EU fisheries management. In the film stakeholders from several Baltic Sea states describes their views on these issues.

The site also provides the ability to download reports regarding the fishing issue.

Click here to see our interviews with people from several Baltic Sea countries and hear their opinions about the CFP Reform.



Rster om CFP

Project status

Start: 2011-12-31
End: 2012-12-31


Jacob Hagberg, BalticSea2020