The CFP reform

The new Common Fisheries Policy will apply from January 2014. However, the reform process started as early as 2007 and during the time up to the last negotiations in 2013, BalticSea2020 have been active to secure a regulation that improves the marine environment, the fish stocks and the profitability of the fishermen.

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Click on picture and see the film of BalticSea2020s work during the reform of the Common Fishery Policy.

BalticSea2020s work during the reform process
The European commission presented an ambitious proposal for a new CFP regulation in July 2011. BalticSea2020 have focused on five areas:
  • Fisheries management should be regarded as a part of the management of the whole marine environment (ecosystem approach).
  • Fisheries should be managed on a long term basis according the principle of maximum sustainable yield (MSY).
  • A discard ban should be implemented, that is that all fish that is caught are landed and counted against the yearly fish-quota.
  • That the detailed management of sea areas are managed by the member states around those areas (Regionalisation).
  • That direct subsidies for the fishing fleets are phased out.

BalticSea2020 have met a large number of politicians in the European Parliament and a number of national politicians to inform of the positive effects these provisions would have on fish stocks as well as on the profitability of the fishing industry and discuss possible improvements. The focus has been to inform of ongoing management trials that have been found to improve the marine environment and improve profitability in fisheries and propose way to implement these findings in the new regulation. The foundation have also produced and financed information materials about fisheries management and fisheries subsidies that can be found in our web-library in the fisheries section. In addition to the work in the European Parliament, there has been a special focus on Poland, Germany, France and Spain.

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What can I do?
As a citizen there are a few ways to influence. One way is to eat MSC certified fish which means you can be sure it is legally caught and fished on sustainable stocks. BalticSea2020 has also supported Fish fight which was an initiative from the British chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall that aimed to give support to politicians who wanted to improve the CFP and ban discarding of fish at sea. Over 800 000 signed their petition which you can find here,

In association with the ongoing negotiations of a new Common Fisheries Policy (CFP), BalticSea2020 have interviewed fishermen, researchers and managers around the Baltic Sea to hear their views on the European fisheries management. See our interviews with people from several Baltic Sea countries and hear their opinions about the CFP Reform. Watch the film here: BalticSea2020 position regarding the draft CFP regulation.

Read our article on the CFP reform programme where Jacob Hagberg talks about the need for the new improved Common Fisheries Policy - click here.

Also, read our article about Fish For the Future who talks about their views on the new Common Fisheries Policy (CFP). Meet the MEPs Isabella Lövin, Christofer Fjellner and Chris Davies, who before the voting on February 6, 2013 have worked hard to ensure that the Parliament will support a fisheries legislation that value profitable and sustainable fisheries - click here.



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Project status

Start: 2010-12-01
End: 2017-12-31

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