Update on the Baltic Sea Science Center on Skansen

Author: BalticSea2020
Year published: 2018

In 2019 Baltic Sea Science Center at Skansen will open. The work to complete the house is in full swing so fish and invertebrates can move in. The purpose of the knowledge center is to describe both how humans adversely affect the Baltic Sea and what can be done to change the negative development with focus on eutrophication, environmental hazards and fishing. In the Center there will be space for school students to have classes and for Skansen´s visitors to discover the Baltic Sea from below the surface.

This is how it looked in the end of May last year. There was a big pit where the Baltic Sea Science Center is situated today.


Now the exterior is almost finished!

Utsidan 1Utsidan 5



There will be three major aquariums, one to show what reed dominated bays look like, with pike, perch and other coastal fish. An aquarium with fish shoals like herring and an aquarium with the predatory fish cod and salmon. The predatory fish aquarium will have a glass tunnel which will enable visitors to view and explore the marine environment from within.

Interactivity and learning are a big part of the Center and there will be space for school classes. The classroom is situated on
the top floor which gives it a beautiful view!


 Picture on the left: The classroom. Picture on the right: Inside the predatory fish aquarium which, at the moment, is not yet water filled.

Baltic Sea Science Center is funded by Skansen and BalticSea2020, with BalticSea2020 as the main financier. Stockholm University and Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences are part of the Baltic Sea Science Center knowledge council.

Photos: BalticSea2020