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100 million SEK at Skansen for the future of the Baltic Sea

Skansen and BalticSea2020 are starting a collaboration to save the Baltic and make it a much healthier sea. This is an investment of 100 million SEK with the aim of creating an educational centre for both school classes and everyone else visiting Skansen. Visitors will be able to experience the condition of the Baltic Sea beneath its surface in newly created aquariums and will have the opportunity to discover previously unknown aspects of the Baltic in displays and laboratories. Our ambition is to increase people’s awareness of how the 90 million people who live in the Baltic Sea region can improve the conditions for a cleaner inland sea.

Baltic Sea Centre – information centre at Skansen
In collaboration with BalticSea2020, the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and Stockholm University, Skansen has produced a proposal for an information centre that will now be realized thanks to financial support from BalticSea2020.

“We are very pleased about our collaboration with Skansen. The future Baltic Sea Centre will provide a unique site for visitors to learn more about the Baltic Sea and the future which the inland sea now faces”, Conrad Stralka, director of BalticSea2020 explains.

“Skansen is Sweden’s largest and most enjoyable classroom. It enables schoolchildren and other visitors to learn more about our cultural heritage and the interplay between humans, animals and nature. With the new Baltic Sea Centre information centre we shall gain a unique opportunity for spreading information about the sensitive environment in and around the Baltic Sea, with all its problems and opportunities”, Skansen director John Brattmyhr tells us. “Today there is no such facility in any of the countries surrounding the Baltic Sea. This will give us the opportunity to engage and activate people to commit themselves to the future.

Illustration Topia Landskapsarkitekter/KAWA

Important issues for the future
Children growing up today will be the people living round the Baltic Sea in the future. The Baltic Sea Centre at Skansen will present various solutions to problems affecting the future of the Baltic. How are we to be able to maintain a healthy inland sea with sustainable stocks of fish that benefit everyone living in the region? The issues will be highlighted in educational displays in the new information centre. There are numerous problems today, but with more information and decisive action there is every possibility that we can improve the condition of the Baltic.

Construction to commence in 2016
The Baltic Sea Centre at Skansen will be an exciting building located on a site once occupied by sea lions, penguins and, until fairly recently, flamingos. Detailed planning will take place in 2015 and building work is expected to start in 2016.

Skansen – the world’s oldest open-air museum
Skansen is one of Sweden's leading tourist attractions with more than 1,3 million visitors annually, many of them foreign tourists. People come from far and wide to see the unique collection of historical buildings from all over Sweden as well as the Scandinavian wild and domestic animals and the exotic fauna at the Aquarium. Skansen has its own stage for concerts, a lively town quarter, a hot-glass workshop, other craft workshops, cafés, restaurants and shops; and a fantastic view of Stockholm.

The BalticSea2020 Foundation was started by Björn Carlson in 2005 with a donation of 500 million SEK. The foundation’s assets are to be used for financing projects that are activity-oriented and innovative, and that contribute to a healthier Baltic Sea. The Foundation also seeks to spread knowledge and information about the Baltic Sea to decision makers, government institutions, schools and private individuals. Since starting its work in 2006 the board has allocated almost 400 million SEK to projects in the fields of Eutrophication, Fishing and Information. BalticSea2020 undertakes research and programmes for measures to improve conditions both with its own staff and with support from external institutions and organizations.


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